This is Vulcan’s without pointy ears meets Shape Shifters.

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh


Sasha is a Vulcan, I mean Psy.  The Psy do not have any emotions and have evolved enough to interact with each other on a psychic plane, sorta like the internet.  Well all the Psy except Sasha that is, she has spent most of her life hiding that she is different.  She has emotions but has no idea how to deal with them. 


Lucas is a Shape Shifter or Changling.  He is the alpha of a pack of cats, a shrewd business man and a hunter.  Currently he is searching for a serial killer who is taking young Changling women from various packs.  When an opportunity presents itself in the form of a business deal with the Psy, he jumps at the chance to learn more about them and try to find a way into their world.


Lucas finds that it is harder to get to know a Psy than he thought it would be.  Especially Sasha, who seems so guarded, but the beast in him is sure she is different. 


“She wished he’d stop touching her. Not because she didn’t like it but because she liked it far too much. It made her hunger for things that could never be hers. And if someone went hungry for too long, they started to starve. Started to hurt.”


As Sasha sees more of the Changling world it is harder to return the cold emptiness of the Psy world.  But does Lucas care for her or only his own agenda?


I liked how the story progressed and the world that was built here.  The idea of the Psynet is so much like the internet in many ways I followed it nicely.  The build up to the sexy times was just enough angst and anticipation without too long a wait.  Sasha and Lucas were very likeable characters and I enjoyed reading the love story progress.  The killer and the resolution of the story wrapped up nicely.


All and all an enjoyable fun read for those of you out there that like to read about Alpha males like myself.  Lucas wasn’t even that over the top as Alpha males go which made my want to cuddle him even more.


I like the world the author has created and look forward to reading more stories set in this backdrop.