Voyager - Diana Gabaldon

Minor spoilers for Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber:

I have the most difficult time reviewing the books in this series. Voyager, like Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber has so much happen during the book. It is so difficult to condense it down into a readable review.

Jamie survived Cullodan and Roger is helping Brianna and Claire discover what happened to him after. It has been twenty years and not all of them pleasant for our Jamie. The first third of the book is the discovery of what happened in those twenty years since Claire left him in the past. We also find out what Claire has done with her life since she returned to her time. While both these story lines are interesting I love Claire and Jamie together and really was just waiting for that to happen. Once Claire realizes that Jamie is still alive in the past congruent to her own time line she jumps back in the past to be with the man she loves.

“I shook so that it was some time before I realized that he was shaking too, and for the same reason. I don't know how long we sat there on the dusty floor, crying in each others arms with the longing of twenty years spilling down our faces.”

Only after jumping through time does Claire stop to even consider that perhaps Jamie has created a new life that won’t have room for her in it. It is a big leap of faith after all, but now our clandestine lovers are back together. But the twenty years they have been apart have changed both of them.

“Do ye want me?" he whispered. "Sassenach, will ye take me - and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?”

The craziness ensues right away and Claire and Jamie fall right back into their habit of finding trouble everywhere they go. So much action happens from this point on. There is smuggling, seditious printing, betrayal by a friend, family problems (Jenny what were you thinking), a lost treasure, pirates, abduction by the Royal Navy, someone back from the grave, a serial killer….the list goes on and on.

I love all the action and stories happening and while it is convenient that Claire and Jamie keep running into the same people over and over again and again even though their journey takes them far away from Scotland I will let it go because it is all so interesting. But I let it go because I love the story line so much.

Some of our favorite side characters are back, Fergus is all grown up a man in his early thirties. Jamie is like a father to him and at Fergus’s wedding makes a very generous and emotional gift to him that made me tear up. We get to see Jenny and Ian again and a few others from the Outlander including Lord John Grey (the boy Jamie spared in Dragonfly. The addition of a few new characters add a lot of flavor to the story from the little china man Mr. Willoughby, Ishmael a black medicine man and Ian Jr., Jenny’s youngest boy.

The story is really compelling from beginning to end and as always it is an emotional ride, one I will not soon forget. I love Jamie and how fiercely he fights for Claire and his family and friends. He is the ultimate protector. Again this is an epic love story for the ages.

“Only you," he said, so softly I could barely hear him. "To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie--and yet ye love me.”