The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

Spoiler Free Review

I’m not sure why I love these books so much, well other than they are just fun fun fun. There is always so much happening. If you are reading this you have probably been immersed in Rick Riordan’s mythical realm for a while and nothing I say about this book will either encourage you to read it or not. I mean it is the 4th book of this series but the 9th book in the world of Percy Jackson. But this is just as awesome and well planned out as the others I have read.

Things I like about this series:

There are a plethora of characters and mythology both Greek and Roman now. I always feel like there are so many gods both major and minor I knew nothing about. There are so many little background stories that add to this world and give it depth. All of our heroes are not kick-ass all the time. They all have doubts in themselves and work through them. The descriptions of god and monsters are so interesting and diverse that I can really picture them in my mind without being overly described until I zone out. That is a great thing about YA in general.

Annabeth and Percy – Are at least together after the cliff hanger of Mark of Athena and trying to make their way through Tartarus. No easy task but they have to travel to the heart of Tartarus if they are going to find the doors of death and try to lock them. I loved the descriptions of Tartarus as a living thing trying to destroy them. All the obstacles in their path were daunting. There are many moments of how are they going to get out of this one. The titan Bob was the best, I loved his interactions with Percy and Annabeth. Oh Bob I hope we see you again in the final book…..crosses fingers.

Annabeth decided the monsters wouldn’t kill her. Neither would the poisonous atmosphere, nor the treacherous landscape with its pits, cliffs and jagged rocks. Nope, most likely she would die from an overload of weirdness that would make her brain explode.

Jason and Piper - Jason isn’t feeling exactly Roman anymore. What should he do if they make it through this journey? Will he return to Camp Jupiter or should he try to return to Camp Half-Blood. He is desperately trying to figure out who he is in the midst of leading the ship in the absence of Percy and Annabeth. Piper is feeling like she is a little useless with just her charmspeak and wants to really step up and be more of a warrior. Her magic knife keeps showing many scenes of destruction at camp Half-blood. It is definitely a curse to see glimpses of a future that you can maybe not change.

Leo - I love this kid. He is the continual levity of the story. Leo actually meets a girl this book! Even better, she doesn’t try to kill him and she wasn’t his great-great-grandfather’s first girlfriend either. There might be hope for them if he can just figure out one little itty bitty minor thing so he can get back to her.

“I figure the world is basically a machine. I don't know who made it, if it was the Fates, or the gods, or the capital-G god or whatever. But it chugs along the way it's supposed to most of the time. Sure, little pieces break off and stuff goes haywire once in a while, but mostly...things happen for a reason.”

Nico DeAngelo - Well he is still a little misunderstood but a trip to see Cupid might fix him up or destroy him. All is fair in love and war right. I really liked that Rick Riordan took an unexpected direction with his character and I think many will be surprised. But it was nicely done and I will not explain more since I want you to be surprised too.

“Oh, I wouldn't say that Love always makes you happy. Sometimes it makes you incredibly sad." - Eros”

And Finally

Hazel and Frank - This is very much Hazel’s story. I mean she is going to the House of Hades and one of his children will need to close the doors on this side. Hazel is at a crossroads and must discover how to use her gifts if she is going to defeat the guardian at the door. Her power was completely different than I thought it would be, but it was fantastic and she really grew a lot in this book. Frank as well needed to step up and become a leader and a military strategist in the absence of Annabeth. He needed to come to terms with his warring father Mars and take charge.

There is plenty of action, more monsters, more gods, more myths and much farther to go to be able to stop Gaea from waking. House of Hades is a great addition to the Heroes of Olympus collection. It is everything I expect from a Rick Riordan novel.