Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

    This was a fantastically romantic read.  While yes it is very formulaic it is told in such a way you forget you know exactly what is going to happen and eagerly read on to see how you get there. 


     You know girl meets incredible boy, but he has a girlfriend already who is totally wrong for him and girl falls in love with said boy and even though all the signs are there through a series of miscommunications and non-communications it takes them an entire book to figure it out.


    I thoroughly enjoyed the telling of this romantic story.  While yes at times I wanted to slap Anna and Έtienne St. Claire and say wake up and get together it probably wouldn't have been as satisfying as the actual ending.  The way the story was told with inklings of hope and moments of ah how sweet and such longing I longed along with it.  I enjoyed the setting of Paris as well it was great to discover pieces of the city along with Anna through her eyes.  Definitely one of the best YA romance novels I have read in a long time.


   This is a cuddle up on the couch and feel wistfully romantic kind of book and we all need those sometimes.