Scarlet - Marissa Meyer What a great new imagining of fairy tales. Oh we all know about red and the big bad wolf. But now we learn all about Scarlet and the tormented torn almost innocent Wolf (If you like bad boys that want to be good you will love him) and aren’t we happy to have some more characters to fall in love with. I liked how bad ass Scarlet was. She is a girl who marches out fiery and bold into the world to find her grandmother who has gone missing. With the help of Wolf a street fighter with some peculiar idiosyncrasies it is a compelling new way to explore Cinders world and some of her back story.I liked the new Characters and multiple points of view for the story. There was so much going on and it was so hard to put the book down once you start. The relationship between Scarlet and Wolf develops rather quickly but I really wanted them to find their way together and it almost made up for the fact there was no interaction between Cinder and Emperor Kai. Although more of that I think will come the next book and I look forward to that.Cinder hasn’t had much time to embrace her new identity but she comes into it strong in the end. I really can’t wait until book 3 to see how Meyer intertwines the two strong heroines into a shared goal. I’m sure they will kick butt together. Iko makes it back (I love her no matter what size she is) and Thorne is a super fun new support character that is so flawed but incredibly charming. Overall this was a great follow up that didn’t fall short as some mid-quartet books do. There is the uncertainty at the end that makes it almost impossible to wait for the next 2 books of the series. What will happen to Kai, can they save the world, will Cinder be able to defeat the Lunar Queen, will Thorne find a girlfriend you know the usual. I’d love to say more but then I’d risk giving something away and what would be the fun of that. This book was just fun fun fun.