Bitterblue - Kristin Cashore, Ian Schoenherr Bitterblue is bittersweet – I’m not a huge fan of the ending. Thus the 4 star rating possibly a 4.2Graceling and Fire are standalone books and tie up nicely at the end. I expected the same for Bitterblue as I have not heard any rumors of more books from this realm. I will have to say that honestly it is not tied up neatly at the end. It still seemed like there should be one more book following this as all the Characters are leaving Bitterblue to go off on escapade that they had used Monsea as a homebase for as they floated in and out of the story with plans to be back shortly. Sometimes I was more interested in the story of Po, Katsa and the Council than Bitterblue’s.Bitterblue’s story is engaging. It was a puzzle and a mystery the whole way through with little glimpses of the pieces coming together each chapter. The slight romance between Bitterblue and Saf was cute but very similar to the other push/pull romances of the previous two books. While enjoyable for me there could have been more of it. At times Saf drops out of the book for chapters held up somewhere, he and Bitterblue, not interacting for weeks of the story. So many new characters, it was sometimes hard to build a connection to them and feel appropriately when their stories played out.Leck is still a super bad bad guy. He ranks right up there with Geoffry Barrathion for the most sadistic bad guy award. I liked learning why the kingdom was having trouble recuperating still after 8 years of a Leck free society. Mind wiping can do that to you I guess.The parts of the book I most enjoyed are when Bitterblue is sneaking out of the castle to see her city and to hear the stories in the fable rooms. Then the story gets a little long in the middle and you are ready for it to be over. It picks up again by the end and I didn’t really want it to end.It was great to have some of the previous characters in the book again. Po and Katsa I love them (there was a lot of Po and not a lot of Katsa though) Raffin and Bann along with Giddon were fun to catch up with. Also, an appearance from Fire that was very short but there none the less. Even though Saf was always deemed a wanderer and a slight cad I sorta thought that story line might play out differently and was a little disappointed but he was missing from so much of the story that I really wasn’t heartbroken or as heartbroken as I maybe should have been.