Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Fun Fun Fun…This book moves fast. It is action packed with a heavy side of romance.I enjoy the way the story is told through Juliette perspective. The thoughts she is thinking before or after her Dialog crossed through so you know they are thoughts. That was a great way to streamline her fast thinking without a lot of extra explanation sentences attached. The story starts and just keeps you on going. I couldn’t put this down once I started it. Juliette is so broken yet lovable. Adam, well who wouldn’t love a guy like Adam (I really want them to get some time alone). Kenji added some great comic relief. Warner is a great twisted sadistic bad guy. It was full of tender, heart wrenching and wow moments. You got a sense of the world they were in but it didn’t seem forced down your throat. You learned about the new world as Juliette did after being locked away for three years. The things she remembers the new things that have changed.This was a great opening book in a trilogy. I was so excited to start reading the next installment as soon as I finished this one.