Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi Unravel Me, did just that. And the award for best turnaround of a bad guy goes too……….Taheren Mafi . Shatter Me was great, Unravel me was equally great perhaps better. My emotions are still reeling so I may change my mind one way or another later.Some minor spoilers included……you’ve been warnedAs many I have a love/hate relationship with love triangles. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. This one had its moments but I’m still ultimately undecided on it. I will say that Chapter 62 is steamy (I’m not entirely happy who Mafi gave the better steamy scene to but I have my theories that will be at the end of this review) .Juliette, ah Juliette. I’m glad your character is growing and the reader gets to follow you along on your journey to become an independent person. Juliette doesn’t start out bad ass but she crawls kicking and screaming almost into her destiny. I relate to her as she struggles to accept the person she is, her gift, the light and dark of herself. It is a struggle and I want to push her along faster, so thank god for Kenji to be the voice of the reader and say “get on with it and embrace the bad ass you are.” In the beginning she is only strong with Adam but it was nice to see her branch out and make some new friends in this book. Discover who she is on her own in relation to others. Adam – You are my hero. I love Adam. I know that some think his character is boring but not me. I get Adam, his loyalty to family and friends. He is stronger that everyone gives him credit for. My heart was breaking for Adam when he learned what his true power was and how that affected his relationship with Juliette. But he is forever true to her and will do anything, go through anything to be with her. Even when he discovered things about her he was never scared or mad he only ever wanted to help and be with her. I