Every Day - David Levithan What a great book about the hope of love and the different lives people lead.‘A’ is a good MC and I rooted for him the whole time. Yes this book is shades of Quantum Leap but who didn’t love that show. ‘A’ ends up in a different body every day. One day a boy the next a girl, talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. I think it was great to see so many different lifestyles from the druggie, someone battling obesity to even the extraordinarily beautiful girl. There are times when ‘A’ is gay or transgendered so if that is something that bothers you, you might not like sections of this book. I thought it really lent to the story of if you love someone truly love them can you love them no matter what body they are in and are we all so different after all?Rhiannon is the love interest and the first person ‘A’ has ever confessed his body jumping condition to. The first lasting connection to a person he has every really made. The insta-love connecting (at least for ‘A’) is there and it is maybe a little too much all at once but it sorta has to be for this particular story, he only gets a day. I really felt for ‘A’ for the loneliness that his life entails, his desire to have anything normal for more than one day, for his want to be able to be with Rhiannon. But the story was really beautiful the absolute selflessness of his love was inspiring.Even though I wanted the ending to go a different way (I so wanted it to end differently morality be damned) I didn’t want to go a different way because it would have deminished who 'A' is.This is a particularly bittersweet story with hope, love, loss, and compassion. You might need a tissue or two.I am a detail fanatic and usually I would get caught up on how everything works, the whys, the hows and so forth. But for me the story telling of it was so good I let all that stuff go to just get lost in the ‘A’ of it.