Wicked Sense - Fabio Bueno 3.75 stars As if high school isn’t treacherous enough on its own, it is even more difficult if you are trying to date a witch. Drake met a girl, not just any girl Skye just happens to be a witch. Now Drake is hurtled into danger around every corner. Someone is trying to get to him and Skye and they need to figure it out fast before one or both of them end up dead. If that isn’t enough pressure they also need to find the ‘Singularity’ an extremely powerful girl/boy that has more magic than anyone and threatens to destroy the balance. Oh and in between all of that Drake and Skye are trying to go on an actual date. You thought you had problems in high school.I like the two main characters Drake and Skye. The book alternates from both perspectives and I had no trouble remembering which character was giving the PoV (that has happened in a few other books I’ve read). I loved that you were able to see into each of their different personalities and get a true feel for their thoughts and actions. The main side characters are Conner (Skye’s ex), Jane (badass competing witch), Party girl named Pricilla, Drake’s sister and two best friends. They add some great comic banter and b.f.f.ness to the story. It’s great to see a YA book where the romantic interest are not so caught up in themselves that they forget about their friends and family. Drake and Skye still have a chance to hang out with the side characters for some much needed fun after dodging death.This was a fun easy book to read. Fabio Bueno tells a compelling story in a very direct and straightforward way. It starts out fast and just keeps going. There is something happening in every chapter with no long lulls all hurtling us to the conclusion of the story. I was surprised how fast I read this book and recommend it as a great fun read.