Paper Towns - John Green Paper Towns is remarkably entertaining. When introduced to the MC Quinton (great character name by the way) and his strange neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman they are kids that find a dead body together. Right away we discover that Margo is in a class by herself. She is different while most people would have been afraid she thought of it as a great adventure and tried to discover what happened to the man. Fast forward seven or eight years and she is still this enigma. She is wild, fun and remarkable in every way. Her adventures are legendary at the high school and Quinton has loved her from afar most of his life. Margo shows up at Quinton’s bedroom window and takes him on one wild ride of a night righting some wrongs and wronging some rights in the course of an evening. This was the part of the book I liked the most. The crazy stuff she thought up to do on their adventure. Just when Quinton thought Margo had re-entered his life she up and leaves town. But she left him some clues behind and so the search begins for the real Margo Roth Spiegelman and where she went.With the help of his friends Ben and Radar, Q tries to uncover the clues left behind and what he discovers is the idea of the person he thinks Margo is, is completely different than the person she actually is. The more he discovers the true Margo the more he believes he is the only one that can find her. I like the social dynamic of the mystery gang group. Radar was one of my favorite characters in this book because he was a truly great friend. He is the guy that sees people for who they really are and loves them anyway because of their faults not in spite of them.Part 2 of the book stretches on a bit and gets a little tedious but maybe it is supposed to because Q is uncovering bits and details of who Margo really is and why she left. Most of this part of the book has a strong emphasis on the poem Song of Myself by Walt Whitman and it is long and tedious so perhaps it was meant to parallel. But then the breakthrough comes and the group is off on a road trip adventure to find Margo.Part 3: I have to say I love John Green’s writing but in no way think 18 year old kids think like this, or maybe I was just the shallowest of 18 year olds. Some of the ideas come up with just astound me. The road trip was funny, the different conversations between the people in the Minivan the games they played. Without giving away the ending I will have to say while I get why the ending went in the way it did I really really wanted it to go differently. The conversation about Paper Towns and being a Paper Girl was very well thought out and explained Margo well I think. She is looking for the real her as most of us are at that age trying to discover where we belong and the grand scheme of things. But alas the ending bittersweet, it could have ended differently but then maybe Margo wouldn’t have been as magical. A big bravo to Q though I really liked his character and even though he was stalkerly obsessed with Margo I think through his travels he discovered himself as much as he discovered her and in that will be able to move on in the future.