Pretties - Scott Westerfeld Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am pretty after all. Tally is now a Pretty and she only has pretty concerns. What should I wear to the party, will the right click vote me in, etc. It has been a month since her surgery to become Pretty but something keeps nagging in the back or her mind. In her dreams the prince is Ugly how can that be it she is pretty now. She doesn’t really remember her time before the surgery; it is foggy like a dream. She tells stories of going to the smoke and how she rescued Shay but they are stories and not completely true. At a party she follows someone dressed in a costume to look like Special Circumstances into the stairwell. He is ‘Ugly’ it is a boy from her past with a note, but she has to find the note she has to think. Thinking is hard when you are pretty, there is always a fog but when the excitement is going and adrenaline is pumping thoughts become clearer. That is when Tally remembers bits from her past and David, why didn’t David come for her? Why was it someone else? With the help of Zane another Pretty and leader of the Crims click Tally struggles to remember who she was before the surgery and find a way to get free of New Pretty town.This was a good follow up to Uglies. The book was interesting; it is a look into the Pretty society and how it is kept in check. The way the Pretties are distracted from anything meaningful with parties, alcohol, dresses, and fashion fads. They are all too caught up in how they look and who their friends are they don’t see how foggy their lives are. That we be due to a lesion on every pretty’s brain that makes them compliant, not caring and amenable. Pretties don’t argue yell question they are just pretty.I missed David this book he really doesn’t come in until close to the end and you don’t know what is going on with him. He and Tally had such a cute little beginning in Uglies and then nothing. She goes to New Pretty Town and basically forgets about him completely. She starts dating Zane and they are never without each other after spending a little time together in the beginning of the book trying to find the note Crom left for Tally. I really would have liked to have more time on the love story with David and Tally I never really liked the connection between Zane and Tally since it seemed almost formed during ‘The Pretty Days’ The reservation was interesting. I wanted to see more behind what they did with the information that they got from the people there. Maybe that is coming in the next book. Shay is an interesting character. She starts cutting herself so that she can become clear minded. I thought the author portrayed positive and negative ways to find clarity well. Tally did exciting things dangerous things but she did starve herself and drank way to much coffee. While Shay turned to hurting herself in order to think clearly. There are always multiple ways to get the same kind of high and the author present the light and dark side of that well imo.But again another cliff hanger at the end so I have to dive into the last book of this trilogy soon to get some resolution (I hope).