The House of the Scorpion - Nancy Farmer This book was an entertaining way to look at some significant social issues cloning, drug trafficking, mind control etc…. Matt is a clone of a powerful man, so powerful that he built himself his own country between the United States and Mexico. There he does whatever he wants; he has lived for over 140 years but at a terrible price to others. Matt, being a clone, is hated and despised by most people he has grown up isolated from most of the world around him. He has no idea how dangerous his predicament is. Matt does have a few trusted friends; Celia has raised him, Tam Lin has been his body guard and taught him about the wilderness and Maria has for the most part treated him as an equal and been a good friend his own age. Matt discovers all the atrocities that his benefactor has committed to be in this place of power and wonders if he can help run the farm differently when he grows up, if he grows up. He is the same DNA yet he is different than his all-powerful benefactor.The story is compelling as you discover with Matt that the world around him is different than it originally seemed. The price many paid just because they wanted to get to a place for a better life. What should the rights of a clone be? If you could sustain your life at the price of another’s life should you, could you? I liked Matt he was the best uncorrupted version of what someone is. Even though his DNA is the same as his benefactor they are different people and Matt could grow up to be someone completely different if given the chance.The ending surprised me, even though I should have seen it coming. It was a great story with solid political and social points that never sounded preachy but made you think. Very enjoyable read.