Ghost Hand - Ripley Patton What a surprise 4.4 starsI was given a copy of this book for an honest review. I will have to say that I probably would not have picked this book to read for myself based on the cover or synopsis. However, I’m so glad that I received the copy for review because it was so interesting. First of all the concept is so different than anything else I have read recently and the story line kept me pulled in.Olivia has a hand that is spectral which was definitely different, more different is that it can reach into someone and sometimes pull out unexpected objects. The first time this happens Olivia is freaked out and why wouldn’t you be. She didn’t mean for her hand to enter her classmate and pull out something completely shocking. But even though she is freaking out the new guy Marcus seems to know exactly what is going on. He helps her with the situation with her classmate but should she trust this new boy who doesn’t seem to be afraid of her ghost hand. At first no definitely not, he isn’t clear about how he knows anything about her ghost hand so Olivia confides in her best friend Emma. Olivia has no idea how much her life is about to change. Now she has people looking for her because of her ghost hand and it seems like Marcus is the only person that can help her, but he has secrets of his own.I enjoyed this story, getting to know about a world where some kids all under the age of 22 have a weird mutation of sorts that gives them a ghost like area on their body. No one seems to know why or what they do. I liked Liv the main character, she is confused about the way her life is changing and scared at times. She just doesn’t go off with the new cute stranger that shows up to save her the first time he asks her to. Of course there is a cute little romance that brews between Liv and Marcus, but it was sweet and not overshadowing. I found the premise so interesting that I couldn’t wait to read more to figure out; what Liv could do with her hand, what are the objects she pulls out of people, why the CAMFers want her so badly and who is Marcus and what is his story. There were some very intense moments throughout the book that kept me on the edge of my seat. Not all my questions were answered but, there was enough information to keep me interested. This will be part of a trilogy and I can’t wait to pick up Ghost Hold by Ripley Patton when it comes out.