The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson I will preface that I was a little worried about this book when I started. It seemed like there would be some religious intonations and sometimes that can get a bit preachy and be a total turn off for me. I will say that wasn’t the case at all. The Godstone is a part of the story but Elisa is the story. I can truthfully say I never felt preached to or at.The book starts out with the wedding of a princess to a prince. But she isn’t your normal princess or heroine in books. She is timid, fat and so unsure of herself. Elisa was born with a Godstone in her bellybutton and that means that she has a destiny, she has been chosen. But, Elisa doesn’t feel special or chosen and has no idea why this honor was bestowed upon her especially when her sister is the one it seems to have all the beauty and talent. She is married off to a man she has never met and whisked away to his country. This is where the action begins, because even the journey is treacherous. The caravan is attacked on the way to Elisa’s new home and she has her first opportunity in the presence of danger to shine.I loved Elisa in this book, she grew so much. In the beginning she was a little hard to love as a main character because she seemed so weak and pampered finding comfort in food. But right away she starts to grow into her own and become a woman from the little girl she was. I was so intrigued by what the godstone meant and why everyone is trying to hide that Elisa bears it. She has studied the art of war and religious texts all of her life in preparation for whatever her destiny is. She became very interesting and after meeting the rest of the supporting characters I was hooked. Her Journey through this book was fantastic; she was brave and used her mind to win the battles she faced. I think that it was really telling of the characters that recognized her after her transformation; those are the people that really loved her, saw her.Once I finished the book I couldn’t wait to start the next book in the series. I wanted more time with all the characters. Fantastic first book.