Freak of Nature - Julia Crane This was a cute enjoyable story. Kate had donated her body to science and technically she died, then science brought her back. Now she is the first cyborg created by IFICS once her programing is complete she is expected to be sold to the highest government bidder. Only, Kaitlyn still has feelings and thoughts of her own. No one brings these feelings out more than the boy genius Lucas that works on her programming at the lab. Lucas has this strange attraction to Kaitlyn as well, he is saddened that every time they give her an upgrade she seems to lose a piece of herself, little does he know that she is putting on a show so they can’t see her feelings and upgrade them away.I like the pacing of the story it goes along quickly. It is told from both Kaitlyn and Lucas’s PoV to give the story interesting perspective. The concept of a cyborg was cool and how they integrated the computer components into a person that was young and healthy. I didn’t like the instalove feeling of the romance at times or the morally casual way some of the outside players seemed to have about a person being turning into a cyborg but it worked for the overall storyline. It was a fun story with funny and heartwarming moments. I really liked the story of where Kaitlyn came from and how she died, it set her up nicely to be a hero later.