Specials - Scott Westerfeld I didn’t really get the kind of resolution I wanted from this installment of the Uglies series. Tally is special now and a part of the cutters after months of surgeries and tearing down the guilt she was feeling about the smoke, David and Zane. She is super human and super icy, she also cuts herself for clarity, hence the cutters. But once she realizes that Zane is not a cutter she convinces Shay to help her with Zane. If they can help him escape then Dr. Cable will realize he is special and make him a cutter too, just to be clear Zane really doesn’t want to be a cutter. There are also a lot of pills floating around the city and more and more of the bubbleheads are busting free. Tally and Shay figure they can follow Zane’s escape party and find the new smoke to destroy it and David.It was cool to see the other City and get a look at how the revolution was spreading. It gave a great idea of where the other cities would be soon once the pills took hold. I liked Shay again by the end and the social commentary on teenagers cutting to feel was a risky one to take so bravo for talking about something that most people avoid even if it was so controversial. I’m not sure why I never got into this story as much as the other two; Maybe because I just wanted to slap Tally and say snap out of it you’re not special. Maybe because I never loved the Zane/Tally relationship and missed David. Maybe because she spent a lot of time in the wild alone or with Shay who was just as screwed up. But I never reconnected with Tally the way I did in Uglies and Specials. There were a lot of action, chase scenes and danger. Since this was supposed to at one point and time be the end of the series I thought there might be a better resolution. But, at least for me there wasn’t. I guess if you have read Uglies and Pretties you might as well read Specials but I definitely liked the other two books much better than this one.I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the next book Extras. It is a whole new cast of characters with some of the old characters sprinkled in. I would read it if there was some decisive Tally/David resolution in it but after cheating and looking up some blogs I found Tally hasn’t kissed anyone since Zane but it is hinted that she and David may have a romantic relationship …..um so for me I won’t be in a hurry to start that one.