The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Wow…wow….omg and what the heck is going on. These are thoughts I had the whole time I read this story. It starts out with an Ouija board and a girls sleep over and just gets weirder and more complicated from there. Mara was told she would be the death of her friends at the sleepover and just a few months later they were all dead. Now with no memory of what happened or she has to figure out is it her fault or was it just an accident.Mara moves to a new school to try to recover from the trauma of the accident and losing her best friend in an accident that claimed the life of three people. But things aren’t going very smoothly. For one she is seeing Jude and Claire who just happen to be dead for another there is Noah who she just can’t seem to get rid of. She has been warned about Noah with his smooth talk and good looks he goes through girls like other people go through boxes of cereal, but he is smart witty and downright irresistible.I liked so many things about this book. One, the author doles out hints and information in a way I was always kept guessing. Is Mara crazy or are her hallucinations really happening? Is Noah everything Mara has been warned about or is there something deeper there? Did Mara cause the death of her friends or was it just an accident? Two, I was really never sure on any of these questions, usually I figure the story out before it is halfway through. I was so entranced with the story I didn’t/couldn’t put the book down after I started. Three, there was some serious heat between Mara and Noah and I was so caught up in the wanting the sexual tension of it. All and all if you like a good mystery this is something you should definitely check out.