The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern 3.75 starsJust a funny note that I listened to The Night Circus on audiobook and it is read by Jim Dale who also narrated all of the Harry Potter books, more than once I forgot which book I was listening too and thought things like I don’t remember Dumbledore saying anything like that.I have conflicting feelings about The Night Circus while the premise of the story was intriguing and interesting I spent a good portion of the book confused as to what was going on. There were so many characters and completing arcs that it was honestly hard to keep track of the story as it jumped around.Celia and Marco are competitors in a game that will last an indeterminate period of time. The Night Circus is the venue that is created for them to complete in. Each tries to outdo the other and in the beginning it starts out semi antagonistic. As time goes on it becomes more of a collaboration, Marco and Celia sorta bounce off one another to make ever more wonderful and unique tents for the circus. Neither knows when the challenge will end or what the winner will get. I found it a little hard to believe that they would be in this completion for so long when it was never stated what they would win at the end of it. The story progresses for many years with the circus ever growing and becoming even more fantastic.I did enjoy the descriptions of the various areas of the Circus they were descriptive and extremely original the author has a great imagination. However I enjoyed more when Bailey was going through the tents with Poppet and Widget experiencing the rooms instead of just the description of an area. The imagery of the circus was wonderful and the characters so intriguing. I wanted to know so much about all of them. But the story dragged in places and I still never fully understood why the challenge was ever implemented in the first place other than vanity.This is an intriguing read full of wonderfully unique ideas and imagery I loved the ending as well. This is a great read if you like the picture painted of the surrounding in the story to be laid out for you otherwise it might get a little slow in a few areas but overall solid story.