Legend  - Marie Lu 3.75 starsWhat if everything you were taught was a lie? What if the country you lived in was using you and people like you for experiments? What could you do to save the family that thought you were dead? These are some of the questions our Hero has to face. Day has been living on the streets since he was 10 now at 15 he is the most wanted person in the Republic. Day steals and has been a pain in the republics butt. But much like Robin Hood he steals from the rich and authorities of the republic to provide for the family that believes him to be dead.June is a prodigy she believes everything the republic has ever told her and is training to one day be able to capture the elusive Day. Their paths collide when June’s brother is killed. June believes that Day killed her brother and goes after him. In a chance meeting she has the opportunity to get to know Day as a person before figuring out who he really is. Now she has to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying.I liked the mystery behind the story. Trying to figure out what the republic really was, why Day was singled out, what is really going on with the plague going through the poor parts of town and who really killed June’s brother Mateo. The writing was fast paced and it only lulled a little in a few spots. Some sections were absolutely heartbreaking as the true cruelty of the republic was exposed. There was a lot of action at the end and it sets up nicely for the next installment to me more about the colonies and the resistance than the republic. As dystopias go this was well thought out and executed, with plenty of heartfelt deaths and villains to go around.