Prodigy - Marie Lu Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Those are the two questions you will ask yourself many times throughout this book and I changed my mind more than once.I enjoyed the character development of this novel. We really get to see deeper into the minds of June and Day. Their loyalty to each other has grown since both have lost almost everything else. The book starts almost exactly where it ended with June and Day running away to Las Vegas looking for the patriots and Tess before striking out to find Day’s little brother. Day and June only get a short reprieve before being recruited by the patriots to infiltrate the republic and assassinate the Elector. That is when the book gets all twisty and every time you think that maybe you know who the good or bad guys are you are wrong. Even when I figured out certain aspects of the story, the how things are supposed to happen and what actually happens are completely different. Marie Lu tries to keep things interesting. I didn’t enjoy the book as much when Day and June are separated to do their different portions of the assignment, mostly because of the almost love rectangle that is sorta happening. I really had a hard time connecting with Day sometimes as well because he was so angry and wouldn’t listen to June, when before that was the best thing about them, the trust they had in each other when they had no reason to trust one another.There is more world building and a peak into life in the colonies which was an interesting take on what can happen when corporations take over everything. Sometimes that grass isn’t always greener on the other side it is just different. There were a lot of exciting moments in the story, plenty of action and tinges of romance. The characters seem way older than 15/16 though. Marie Lu broke my heart a little with the last chapter. It was very well written and I really cared about Day and June in those moments. I was deeply saddened and I really just wanted them to communicate better, which had been a struggle the entire book really. Sometimes you do the wrong thing for all the right reasons. It left me a little sad and hooked for the next book which I’m sure was the intension so well played Ms. Lu.