Wicked as She Wants - Delilah S. Dawson 3.75 Stars I love the wickedly wonderful land of Sang. There are so many creepy and beautiful ideas in Sang I love the dichotomy of it, beautiful Unicorns that slay Virgins, a flying brothel, mascaraed ball where you die if you don’t dance right. I was happy to journey back to this land and follow the story of Casper and Ahnastasia. I will say I miss Criminy and Letitia since they are only in this for a page or so but that is just because I have an little crush the wildly witty Criminy.This is definitely a darker story and it took a while for it to grow on my. When it starts out Ahnastasia is a spoiled, mostly drained princess whose assassination has been botched and she often makes threats to put people’s heads on spikes. Casper is a drunk wallowing in a lot of self-pity clearly on a downward spiral of sorts. They team up to get Ahna back to her homeland to try to oust the sorceress that tried to have her killed. Ahna grew up in a harder land where pinkies are only food and slaves and where bludmen rule. Her indifference to seeing pinkies as anything else made her harsh and a little unlikable in the beginning but as she grows so did my feelings for her. Casper is fun, beautiful and charming but didn’t have quite the panache as Criminy. But the story that grows between Casper and Ahna was a fun and seductive one. Casper is still a sly creature and pushes Ahna just as much as she pushes him. Also there is Keen an angsty teenager that has been traveling with Casper and has become like a daughter to him. I really liked her more than both Casper and Ahna in the beginning. There are still a few steamy love scenes and the culmination was done in a slightly different way from other vampirish books I’ve read. There is definitely some moments of smoldering on the pages along with some plot twists here and there to keep everything interesting.I liked and hated that the story was different. Good to see different stories in Sang you don’t want to read the same story over and over again but, I definitely could read another story involving more of Criminy and Letitia. Still as a growing couple Casper and Ahna become adorable in a I could kill you if I didn’t want you so much kind of way. This was definitely enough to keep my interests up and I will be reading Wicked after Midnight when it is released next year.