The Elite - Kiera Cass I was grrr....for most of this book I really wanted to slap almost all parties involved. It was one of the most difficult reads I've had in awhile. The Selection was a fun read not a lot of depth but it is the Royal Bachelor so what do you expect but the Elite drove me crazy and I finished it in one day just to be done with it.First, I hated America and her wishy washy I want Maxon no wait I want Aspen scratch that another girl talked to him so I want him again back and forth back and forth ughhh it was infuriating. Seriously. Second,I really wanted to know more about the North and South rebels and what is going on with them but literally nothing is happening with that arc, it is barely touched on. Third, one minute Maxon is awesome sweet guy and the next he is the scorned lover running into the arms of anyone else (still I liked him most of the time). Lastly, America is always jumping to conclusions and doing something drastic after minor events I think she cried twenty times or more in the book. While most of Maxon's motivations were clear to me America's self doubt was crippling. The only characters I liked were America's father and the Queen both gave sound advise and were kind but are rarely in the book. Even Aspen torqued me hey I love you but really you'd be an awful princess. It finally redeemed itself slightly 3/4 of the way through when America, with nothing else to loose, actually does something bold that comes with some repercussions and then later when trapped with Maxon fesses up to her feelings and motivations and whoosh all their problems are solved mostly. I would give the last 4 chapters of the book a 4 star rating but the rest dragged and was really painful sometimes. predictions for book 31. Hopefully there is no back and forth anymore and she will commit to fight for Maxon to be the Princess he needs.2. She will use the Italian's number to force the hand of the King into letting her marry Maxon3. America or both she and Maxon will be kidnapped by rebels to see there plight and ignite the fire of revolution.4. The journals of Illea are widely distributed to help end the caste system.5. Aspen and Lucy find love together.6. America's father might be a member of the resistance or know more about it.And for the love of god America please give Maxon a gift. Write the boy a song just for him or at least look at his photographs do something thoughtful and sweet just for him because you've acted like a spoiled brat.