Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare I know I know everyone loves this book and for me it was okay maybe even 3.5 stars.It was an enjoyable read with an interesting story, although I worked out much of it before the end of the book, but a few of the characters seemed exactly the same as in the first series. Will is remarkably like Jace so much so that it really bothered me. Sexy, cocky, witty remarkably full of himself but most of his actions and dialogs seemed the same as Jace and Jem is a better version of Simon who might actually have a shot with Clary oh oops I mean Tessa. Much of it seemed like the same set up as TMI. That I think is why I'm only going to give it the 3.5 stars. Again I like the world they are in. Demons, warlock fairies and the like it is fun and fascinating. Love seeing some of TMI characters like Magnus Bane he is always a favorite of mine. The villain and his goals are at least different and I'm not sure of his full story yet but many hints are dropped. Tessa seems to be an interesting character as well and I enjoy how she can keep the two boys in check, I think her power will be even more interesting in the future books. I will say there are a lot more classic book references and poetry in TID which can be fun when peppered in, so many references to A Tale of Two Cities makes me think that is trying to foreshadow how the love triangle will end.I will continue to read the series and hope the character development works in a way to make me not think of TMI main characters as much so Will, Jem and Tessa have there own story independent from TMI. But safe to say if you were a fan of TMI then TID will be just as entertaining.