Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare

There is so much I like about the Shadow Hunter world.  The magic, demons, fairies and other mythical creatures are all fascinating.  The short lived life of most shadow hunters is full of fire and fast living and for those so young sometimes they seem to be written so much older than they are.  I have enjoyed this prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, even if a few of the characters seem similar.  Perhaps they are supposed to since it is their ancestors but even with that sometimes some of it seems too much the same.  The story is fun and captivating peppered in with a love story that you know will resemble a Greek tragedy by the time it has played out.  Still even though I could see clearly the way the love story would play out in this book and possibly then next the writing was enough to keep me engaged in it.  I will not say it is particularly original but it is still engaging none the less.


We pick up after Will has broken Tessa’s heart to learn of his curse and that he truly has feelings for Tessa who Gem is also in love with.  Tessa has feeling for each boy in a different way and I think the CC did a good job of explaining the Will burns brighter like a fire while Gem is the steady candle you can always depend on.  Tessa seems to love or ache for each boy in a different way and she is utterly confused.   Also they are on a time crunch to find the Magister or else they may lose the institute to the Lightwoods.  CC has peppered in many clues for the next book and either I paid a lot of attention and just caught them all or they were extremely obvious.  Much of the story is spent determining the love triangle and Will’s struggle to find the demon that cursed him. 


I got a little bored with the love triangle sometimes, how many times can you linger on how beautiful Will is or what particular shade of blue his eyes may be.  But, I did love Magnus Bane of coarse he is always a bright light in these novels.  Other moments I loved in the book were actually between the side characters of Charlotte and Henry who have a unique sort of love and an interesting misunderstanding of each other and Sophie and her arc. 


Another captivating shadow hunter tail with some loves gained while others are lost and friends and foes where you least expect them.  There are a few twists I didn’t see but much of it I worked out before I was a third through the book.  Still the ride was enjoyable and this was probably better than Clockwork Angel.