Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Where to begin? There are series you come to the end of and there is no big payout, you are left feeling disappointed and wondering what happened or unhappy in the resolution of many of the arcs and then there is The Infernal Devices that has one of the biggest payouts for an end of a series I have ever read. Most people are lucky to have one great love in their life, you have found two.I will just preface this with I normally do not like love triangles eventually everyone just seems so silly at some point of them. However, this story of love between three people was so bittersweet and beautiful. There is no selfishness, pettiness, jealousy, distrust or anything negative. Everything that Will, Gem and Tessa do is for each other. When one feels pain the other two work to alleviate it without regard for themselves. It is how people in true love should behave, always wanting what is best for their love without thought of themselves. I cried at many intervals in this book because of the love and sacrifices made they were so beautifully told. There isn’t just the big payout for the love triangle there is also wrap ups to other romances and arcs. Cassandra Claire spent a lot of time after the Mortmain arc played out to really dedicate to the wrap up of all the other personal arcs. Henry and Charlotte’s future and the future of the institute are addressed. Very romantic moments for some of the other supporting characters all made me smile. So much of this book is about love and the different forms of it, how two people can have the same tragedies in their lives and chose totally different paths either of love or destruction. Yes there is also the conflict with Lightwood, Mortmain, the infernal devices, what Tessa really is and how she came into being. So many of the clues peppered through the other two books are revealed and a few twists have been thrown in of course. The story remains engaging weather because of the conflict with Mortmain or wondering how all of our heroes will endure. There is also some political positioning in the shadow hunter world. And…Magnus of course we get some more Magnus. I love how he tries to seem so nonchalant but clearly it is apparent how much he cares for Will and the other shadow hunters. He is always the calm cool in the middle of the storm.The epilog oh the epilog I tear up just thinking about how beautifully it was written. How wonderful and brilliant the ending/beginning was. Is love really that timeless? It is so romantic to believe that it is. It was worth reading the entire book just for the epilog. When two people are at one in their inner most hearts they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze. Of all the things in the world, you are what I love most.I want to thank Cassandra Clare for taking the time and extra time to really give the fans of her characters a wonderful ending to a series. I loved all the beautiful things share in the epilog. My heart hurt and then leapt and soared. I am still awash with emotion every time I think of it and I think that says the most about how much an author and the characters they have written touch your life.