City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare What a great bounce back after CoFA. While I struggled a bit through CoFA mainly because Jace and Clary were really never on the same page and all the relationships were a bit disjointed CoLS is a great turn around. There is action action action throughout the entire book. It really stepped up. Jace has been abducted by Sebastian and Clary will move heaven and earth to find him. “I don't care," Clary said. "He'd do it for me. Tell me he wouldn't. If I were missing-" "He'd burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes. I know," Alec said.”You absolutely have to love the devotion each shows for the other. Plus there is more witty banter. CCs sense of humor really comes through with all the characters in this installment. At some point almost all the main characters are hanging out at Magnus's apartment and that is really where some of the best comical stuff happens. Although it is not all couple happiness there is still a lot more of it. “Ah,” said Magnus. “Nerd love. It is a beautiful thing, while also being an object of mockery and hilarity for those of us who are more sophisticated.”The story was so compelling Jace seemed to be almost himself but not quite it was such an interesting change in him and the relationship he has with Sebastian was so strange and disturbing. There were plot twist galore and I really thought that this was Simon's break out book. No longer is he sort of bumbling around as a side character but he really had such a great arc and was very much a hero in this book. Also Isabelle got to show a softer side of who she is under everything and I though it was great to see that. Clary and Jace together though really drives the story. As she tries to save him from being happy I liked the internal struggle she goes through since he is so much the person she loves and still he isn't. But at least his witty snarky banter is in there alive as ever. “He grinned. “I was trying to remember all the deadly sins the other day,” he said. “Greed,envy, gluttony, irony, pedantry…” “I’m pretty sure irony isn’t a deadly sin.” “I’m pretty sure it is.” “Lust,” she said. “Lust is a deadly sin.” “And spanking.” “I think that falls under lust.” “I think it should have its own category,” said Jace. “Greed, envy, gluttony, irony, pedantry, lust, and spanking.”Also for TID fans there were items and people from the past placed nicely throughout this book again. I'm so happy I knew who the people were and the items it made the story even more special to me. This book seemed very well written and fluid much better than CoFA and a return to what I have come to expect from Clare. I am really looking forward to the final book in this series.