An Abundance of Katherines - John Green Uniquely funny 3.5 starsJohn Green speaks to my inner nerd and possibly my outer nerd too. The way his hero Colin sees the world is fantastic but extremely nerdy (I mean that in the best way). If you have a hard time connecting with off beat characters this might be a struggle for you. Everything is interesting to Colin he sees so many minute details and can interconnect them in so many strange ways that I find him absolutely fascinating.“Colin did not laugh. Instead he thought, Tampons have strings? Why? Of all the major human mysteries - God, the nature of the universe, etc. - he knew the least about tampons. To Colin, tampons were a little bit like grizzly bears: he was aware of their existence, but he'd never seen one in the wild, and didn't really care to.”Colin is a socially awkward prodigy addicted to anagramming. He knows 11 languages and so many useless random facts that he won a kids t.v. game show (side note never play scrabble with him he will destroy you). But after being dumped by the last in a long line of Katherines he wallows in self pity until his best friend Hassan convinces him that a road trip is what he really needs to clear him mind and get back to 'normal' so off they go.While Colin is struggling with the fact that as a child prodigy he really hasn't become anything yet and he has been dumped now by nineteen Katherines he meets Lindsey Lee Wells in the little town of Gutshot. Hassan and Colin put the road trip on hold to work with Lindsey to record some of the history of the people in the town and by doing so Colin finds a way in interconnect with the world. Also there is an equation to predict the length of relationships and math and graphs which I loved but is not for everyone.John Green seems effortlessly funny and I always enjoy the unique interactions between his characters.“Shame about how we’re gonna die here, though. I mean, seriously. An Arab and a half-Jewenter a store in Tennessee. It’s the beginning of a joke, and the punch line is “sodomy’’.” “Dude, you're such a geek. And that's coming from an overweight Star Trek fan who scored a 5 on the AP Calculus test. So you know your condition is grave”It is how I imagine guys talking to one another when they are best friends. This is a coming of age tale where by learning about others we really learn about ourselves. If you don't let the math scare you and you are able to tap into your inner nerd who is so excited about random things this can be a great read.