Requiem - Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver again told a very compelling story full of metaphors and beautiful lyrical language.I loved most of the book. Although I was frustrated with Lana and how she reacted to Alex's anger toward her jumping into Julian's arms for comfort I got why the story progressed that way in the beginning. I waited and wanted to see them (Lana/Alex) make there way back to each other.....and I waited and waited. I was so heartbroken for them knowing how much they loved each other and seeing how they hurt each other and the longing. There was so much build up for the final showdown in the book and I couldn't stop reading. Seeing both Lana and Hana's PoV was nice too. It was interesting to see the political side of the issues and how the cureds perceive the world around them from a cured. Trilogies are so hard to wrap up it seems and many times the last book leaves something to be wanted. But I had high hopes it was going well and then it ended.....and I looked to see if there were 1-2 more wrap up chapters or something but there wasn't. Even though the love story wasn't the main story of the book (Oh wait I sorta thought it was back in Delirium at least) I really wanted just a little more closure there. I mean one brief Alex/Lana I love you I never stopped loving you and a soft kiss at the end of the book and a I'll find you later. I guess she had moved slightly away from Julian right before they entered Portland but idk I guess I wanted a little more Alex/Lana