Parallel - Lauren   Miller “Your path will change, your destiny doesn’t.”What happens if you could see how every choice you made changed the direction of your life? What if you were the only one that remembers the way your life was and how it has changed?Abby is the anomaly after a weird seismic event. She is the only person who knows that a few universes have entangled themselves and the path she was on has completely changed. She was on a movie set putting college on hold until it was finished but after her parallel self who is a year and a day behind her current time line makes one change in her class schedule on the first day of her senior year she wakes up and her life is completely different. Instead she is at Yale with her best friend from high school who luckily believes Abby and is her anchor to this new time line.Now ever choice her parallel self makes in the past seems to affect her present and throw into the mix a few boys and there is the weirdest love triangle I’ve ever seen. Although it is a different love triangle than most since one boy is from a past she hasn’t lived yet and the other is from the present of an alternate time line. Are you confused? Don’t worry. I liked the science parallel universe part of the book, it was presented in a very interesting your eyes shouldn’t gloss over way. You don’t have to be a genius to get the gist of it. It was sort of butterfly effect meets sliders with a love story thrown in. The overall theme of the story is one of destiny, you can plan your life out to the minutest detail but can you force your own destiny if you try to manage the path. Abby is a planner, she has her entire life planned for the next 5 years least. But when fate takes over will she still have the same destiny or does that change too.It was so interesting to see how some of the choices made by Abby affected her future self. How some things always stayed the same while the other details changed. I was enthralled in the idea if the parallel selves and how they are the same and different. Also I loved the idea of soul mates, not just with the man you love and marry but your best friends who seem just as tied to your soul in their own way. It was kind of beautiful to believe that in all these other universes you could be tied to certain people like that.I enjoyed the twists, there were more than a few. I called a couple of the twists but then even the way those played out really surprised me. This was a very interesting book for people who like love stories, scifi lite and something just a little different.