The Demon King - Cinda Williams Chima We follow two separate characters of Raisa the princess and heir to the throne and Han Alister a street wise boy with a pair of magical cuffs on his wrists that he has had since infancy. This installment of the seven reams series had a lot of world building to do. By following the two different story lines we get an idea of how both the nobility and poor live. It is a rich world full of magic, sorcery, treachery and heroes. None of the characters are perfect to say the least. They all are flawed; Raisa is caring but headstrong and defiant normally rushing in without completely thinking things through. She feels trapped by some of the traditions of her kingdom. She is supposed to marry soon for the good of her country but really just wants to be free and longs for the time she was fostered by her father’s clan. Han grew up poor and to provide for his family has lived a less than honest life stealing and scheming but now he is trying to be honest but it hasn’t been easy as his old life always tries to draw him back in. Han’s life forever changes when he takes a mysterious amulet off a young wizard it leads him down a path he never dreamed of taking.Once you get past the first hundred or so pages the story really starts to pick up momentum. I really enjoyed how well the world was described in a show me and tell me way that leant well to the overall story. It was good to see how the world was so different depending on what side you are standing on. The way the characters intertwined and met up and fell apart was also interesting. I loved the lore and backstory of the Queen and the Demon King. There was a lot of action and all of the characters were written so well and so differently it made it so easy to either like or hate them. The twists the story took made it even better and definitely unpredictable. The way that the plot and sub plots of the story intertwined receded and merged was masterfully written. When characters met up or passed close to one another was exciting and really built anticipation for book 2 in the series. This is one of the best fantasies I’ve read. If you are a fan of fantasy this has a little bit of everything in it romance, intrigue, magic, tragedy and hope. A definite recommend.