The Exiled Queen - Cinda Williams Chima Definitely for Fantasy Lovers of all ages.Han and Raisa are both now headed separately to Oden’s Ford for training. Han needs to learn how to harness the power inside him to be able to fulfill the deal he made with the clans. Raisa needs to hide from her mother and a forced marriage she didn’t want until it is safer to come home. There seems to be danger around every corner for both of them.Raisa is traveling under the guise of Rebecca Morley with Amon Byrne and his triple. She has hopes of learning how to be a warrior queen like Hanalea. With the help of Amon she is learning how to fight and the feelings between them blossom but he made a deal with his father and Honor Duty and the magical bond seem to be getting in the way. Han made a promise to the clans in exchange for the money for his training at Odens Ford but it is a dangerous place with Micah Bayer around. It seems everyone wants to use Han in some way for their own ends. But he finds an unlikely mentor named Crow in the dream world. Han is busy trying to learn as much as possible and stay alive with all the ‘accidents’ happening around him. Han runs into Rebecca and they form a friendship. Han needs to learn how to be a blueblood and Rebecca agrees to teach him.This book has so much description in it. The fantasy world is completely built up and there is a real feel for the characters development. No one seems to be all good or all bad they all make good and bad decisions. There were some very heartbreaking moments and others you wanted to cheer for. Han is a very likeable scoundrel and never seems to forget his roots. Raisa is learning how to be a better Queen. While living with real people she gets sense for kingdom and yearns to do better than her Mother.This is a great second book in the seven realms series, definitely better than the first book as all of the character develop and really grow. There is a little bit of everything for fantasy lovers. Sure there are so plot devices that maybe didn’t need to be there but I liked the book so much I ignored them. Be ready to want to dive into the next book right after finishing.