Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma 4.5 Stars I think I have to make a new shelf for this book....Broke My Heart. “How-how can we make it against the whole world?” This is not a book for everyone. I thought that I would be more disturbed by the incestuous relationship between Maya and Lochan however there were so many other things in this book that really got to me. This will definitely push any ideas that you have about love, tragedy, loss and selflessness. Lochan (17/18 years old) and Maya (16 almost 17 years old) have leaned on each other to keep their family together for the last five years since their father left. As their mother downward spiraled into alcoholism and basically abandoned them to go live with her new boyfriend and his kids they are all each other has as support. They have been thrust into the role of Mother and Father for the three younger children 13, 8 and 5. I was heartbroken that anyone could abandon their children the way that these five children have been neglected and forgotten. Lochan has an anxiety disorder and is withdrawn socially at school even though he gets top grades and is planning on attending University next year. Maya is kind and the emotional balance of the family. Maya and Lochan are actually doing a very good job of raising their siblings staying under the radar of social services and working so hard to keep things going.I could see though the writing why kids in this situation, taking on the role of adults and interacting in ways most siblings don’t have to that perhaps they could fall in love. I found myself really pulling for them, which is weird because who really wants to encourage an incestuous relationship. But they themselves are so torn by the love they have for one another and the guilt they feel for that love that is deemed so sick and twisted. Each never wanting to cause the other pain but not knowing how to be apart, trying and making themselves sick. They are in such a co-dependent situation that honestly I ached for them and really didn’t mind they found some semblance of happiness together since most of their lives is dedicated to the family they chose to take care of in place of the parents that should have been there. “At the end of the day it's about how much you can bear, how much you can endure. Being together, we harm nobody; being apart, we extinguish ourselves.” Even though you know there cannot be a happy ending for them I was not prepared for how tragic the ending was. I remember reading saying in my head… no… no this cannot happen, this isn’t right. The author pushed me over the edge and I was really heartbroken. I wanted the juvenile ending where they raised the kids up and were able to move away change their names and live happily ever after. I really was all for their relationship to have a silver lining. I even thought of ways that ten years down the road they could be together as hard as it might be to wait. I was not ready for the selfless sacrifices, the heartbreak and sorrow that came. I ache for Maya and Lochan because no matter what they did, they didn’t deserve their fate.If you enter this book with an open mind I think it can really give you a very different perspective on an extremely taboo subject. This is a book about love that transcends many boundaries and how far someone will go and what the will sacrifice to protect those they love.