One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean I LOVE Pippa Marbury. She is a breath of fresh air. Instead of being the picture of propriety she dismisses many of society’s dos and don’ts because well they are just silly. Why shouldn’t she walk the streets of London as women have had the use of bipedal locomotion since Eve. Why would she take a chaperone to The Angel as she asks the co-owner Cross to help her understand carnal lusts? That would be counterproductive and make asking for help in ruination impossible, of course and illogical. She is so forthright and honest in her request that she is utterly adorable. Cross has the best reputation as a rake with much emphasis on sex not that Pippa believes all the rumors.She waved a hand ”Well, some of it is utter nonsense. They say for example, that you can relieve a lady of her clothing without the use of your hands.”“Do They?”She smiled “Silly, I know. I definitely do not believe that.” “Why not?”“In the absence of physical force, an object at rest remains at rest.” She explained.Omg she just quoted Newton’s Laws geekasm and little does she know there is a great scene latter involving no hands. The interactions between Pippa and Cross are so much fun I believe I whole heartedly belly laughed more than once. She is so innocent yet says the most peculiar spectacular things that just dumbfound him. It is as if she doesn’t have a filter and really is so inquisitive and curious that no matter what her mind is thinking she says it out loud. I love that she is so odd and unusual but instead of Cross trying to change her he find everything about the way she is intriguing and sexy. I loved this because I could relate I mean how many of us are sexy in the beautiful seductress kind of way.”And what of Miss Tasser’s smolder? Can you teach me to do that? It seems like it will help. With the tempting”He didn’t look at her. He couldn’t But he also couldn’t stop himself from saying, “You don’t need to smolder.”She paused. “I don’t?”“No. You are tempting in a different way.”While it takes a while to get to the juicy parts of the story the seduction and sexual tension of it is extraordinarily sweet. Pippa is a great heroine in that while everyone is trying to “save” her she decides that she doesn’t need or want to be saved and if anyone is going to save anyone she would do the saving herself. I loved that about her. She is exactly how I imagine the strong women thirsty for knowledge in the 20th century would be if they were stuck in 1830s unable to attend university and left to their own devices to discover the world. Is the plot line completely believable? Probably not. Did I care at any time throughout the story? Definitely not. Pippa is my girl and I found this book fun, exciting and wonderfully engaging.