Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride If Sam hasn’t had a tough week I don’t know who else has. He had been attacked in an alley by someone/something, there is a talking head that he now has to tote around, someone claims he can raise the dead, there is a naked girl in a cage (well I guess that part isn’t all bad) and everyone seems to know more about him and his past than he does.Sam hasn’t ever really felt like he fit in. He is a college drop who works at a fast food restaurant, but at least he has his own place and doesn’t live in his mom’s basement. Through an odd meeting caused by a rogue potato he finds out that he is a necromancer and has the ability to see and summon spirits. That is when Sam begins to have the worst week of his life, now he has to figure out who he really is and how to control the power that he has. With the help of his fast food friends, a were-girl, and Ashley a harbinger of death the looks like a 10 year old catholic school girl he must solve the mystery before he ends up dead or worse.“Are we going where I think we are?” he asked.“Hell, yeah,” I told him, turning the key in the ignition. I steered the car toward the highway that would take us to my mother’s house. “And I hope she’s got a few good answers.”“I hope,” Ramon said, “that she’s made cookies.”I glared at him.“Don’t look at me like that. If we were going to interrogate my poor mother for whatever, you’d be secretly hoping she’d made you tamales. I’m just honest enough to admit it.”This is a dark comedy but that said it was remarkably light and airy at times. I full out belly laughed more than once. I enjoyed the writing style and how quick the story progressed. Sam is quick witted and snarky which makes for some very fun dialog between him and his friends, even better dialog between him and his enemies. “Can you just tell them we don’t need Jesus, Girl Scout cookies, or whatever the Mormons worship, and let me lie here in peace?”Each character is different and add in a world full of werewolves, fey, witches, necromancers and evil lawn gnomes and it spells out nothing but fun fun fun. There is action, mystery and romance, not the I just met you but you are my soul mate I love you romance, but hey your cute I like you maybe we could make the best of this situation romance. I really can’t wait to see what is in store next for our hero Sam and see this world built up even bigger and better.