Looking for Alaska - John Green Writing 5 stars liking the story 2 stars so 3.5 star average.I like John Green novels a lot. I like how the characters have quirky habits all to themselves like most interesting people do. Pudge is addicted to last words, the Colonel memorizes country capitals and population counts and Alaska buys random obscure books at garage sales to read. I like his writing style, the witty banter, the references to other books and movies and such. I like everything about the way Looking for Alaska is written I just didn’t like the story.Now this is a personal problem for me and is no way a reflection on this book. I will state the things I liked and then the reason I didn’t like this book more. I have a hard time with the content of the story and that really is my main problem with it. I admire that John Green told the story he did and he did it in a captivating way. I like that he showed the world with Alaska in it and then went through all the emotion of the characters after she was gone. I will say this story felt extremely real. The anger and guilt felt by everyone after the tragic event happened was extremely honest. I liked the pondering of what the meaning of life was and how it could be viewed from different religious background but in no way was preachy. If this was a lesser book I might not have finished but it was beautifully written so I did finish. I just had a hard time with the tragic death of someone so young, even though I knew it was coming I really dreaded it and then the aftermath of the death. While yes there was a lot of humor in this book there was a good stretch that was just painful, but that should be what you expect and then the humor picks up again slowly as time progresses. I guess it was just too real, too close to home for me and that is why I didn’t like the content of the story. This is a fantastically written book, which anyone who has had a loss can probably relate to. If my own personal background had been different I probably would have loved it more.