Faefever - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 Stars. The Fever series is becoming one of my favorites and this third installment is no exception to that. Faefever picks up right where we left Mac after she has glimpsed the book and how it is moving around. Wow let me just say I really didn't see that coming it was incredibly dark and well thought out. Mac is still trying to figure out who is on who's team. It is a struggle to figure out what is going on and who to trust. “You can’t change an unpleasant reality if you won’t acknowledge it, Mac. You can only control what you’re willing to face. Truth hurts. But lies can kill.” While the middle got a little repetitive for my taste and slowed down quite a bit the beginning and end were so good. I just missed Barrons and the banter for a lot of the book. Mac was distracted by the police still suspecting her of murder, Dani who is completely adorable and the other sidhe-seers and Christian Mackelter who is trying to help Mac is well. Of coarse the LM is still after Mac and V'lane keeps showing up trying to persuade Mac too. Everyone seems to want a piece of her.Mac has strong dark feelings for Barrons and since he doesn't particularly seem like the hero she isn't sure what to do with them. “I didn’t hear him behind me. I felt him. Electric. Wild. One foot in the swamp. Never going to crawl all the way out.And I wanted to have sex with whatever he was. Where was I supposed to put that in my head?” There are still some great moments between Barrons and Mac. Also a lot of new information about the Fae comes out as the world building continues. The back-story is very intriguing and have enjoyed learning about this different world.The ending was such a huge cliffhanger and so dark that it left me panicked and wanting to jump headfirst into the next book. Miss Moning really dealt me a heavy blow and I pained for Mac.This wasn't the strongest book in the series for me but it definitely had some great action and the ending was phenomenal. I can't wait to discover what comes next.