Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning “You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl.”After the mind-feck ending of Faefever I ran and dove, not walked, into Dreamfever. Let me just say that this was by far the best in the Fever series so far. I was definitely impressed by the growth and understanding of all the characters and love the woman that Mac is turning into. Mac 4.0 well she rocks in this book, gone is a lot of pink Mac but she is becoming a force to be reckoned with.Dreamfever starts right where Faefever left off and our heroine is Pri-ya. She had called on V’lane to save her but he was missing and she didn’t even try Barrons on the cell phone. No one was there to save her from her fate with the unsellie Princes and the LM just let it happen to be able to control her. Dani gets a few chapters from her POV since Mac is a little crazy for a while. I love that kid Dani, she has a dark sense of humor and a good heart. Dani is able to get Mac out and Barrons comes to her rescue finally. Barrons is able to pull Mac back together over time, oh and what a time they had together (slightly jealous). I will say seeing deeper into Barrons character, a softer side of him was fantastic.“I'm here. You're safe now. It's okay toremember. They can never hurt you again.”I really liked Barrons in this book and even though he pulled Mac out of where she was there is still no instant flip now we are together. He is still just as dangerous as he has always been and Mac still doesn’t trust him. Plus V’lane keeps popping up confusing Mac.I really love the time that Mac spends with Dani. She is a warm bright spot in Macs twisted and never uncomplicated life. Plus she has some great lines and always believed in Mac never giving up on her.“So how did he look at me?""Like it was his birthday and you were the cake.”There was so much action in this book. The walls are down and Unsellie are in the city and the world. The LM has some new plan for the book and everyone wants Mac. Barrons, V’lane, the Sid-seers, Druids and LM all want Mac to help only them. She is busy trying to pick a side while fighting her own demons and the memories of being Pri-ya with Barrons (those are some great memories).I’m impressed with the way that KMM has grown this story and this world. Some of our questions were answered but many still remain. The world is a disaster area, the silvers were interesting and I loved the ideas of time and space behind them, the Fae background is revealed little by little and the Book is homicidal. It is crazy how much happens in this book. I enjoyed every moment of the ride and again the ending left me on the edge of my seat wondering who was on who’s team and omg wtf just happened. Can’t wait to finish the series and see how this story plays out. What a unbelievable ride.