Necromancing the Stone - Lish McBride What is not to love about a book with were-wolves, were-hounds, a were-bear, a harbinger of death that dresses like a catholic school girl, an enemy in the form of a spirit, a shape shifting assistant named James, gnomes of creative names aka Chuck the Norrisier and a pygmy chubra (goat sucker) named Taco von Precious of Svenenstien.The whitty banter and fun of the first book is definitely alive and well in this second installment of the Necromancer series. Sam has so many new problems he doesn’t know where to start. He is now on the Council and living in Douglas’s house. The house and all of the things living in it are not about to go quietly into the new regime and keep playing tricks on Sam. Also Sam’s group of friends consist of a were-bear, a dead girl, and Frank the honorary gnome. He is trying to show that he is up to the task of being the head necromancer in town but seems to be screwing up every time he does anything. Not to mention he needs to find a killer and there is now someone threatening his sister as well. Not to mention his on again off again situation with Brid pulled between her pack and her feelings for Sam.James was the break out character in this book for me. I liked his story line so much. He was awkwardly adorable and definitely between a rock and a hard place in this book. But he definitely had a great role and I enjoyed learning about him and his idiosyncrasies. Even though there are so many terrible things a foot in Sam’s world he keeps the frivolous banter and dark comedy alive. These books are such an easy read with fun stories lines and enough tension to keep everything very interesting. I never get bored and have a hard time stopping to do anything else. Everything is so creatively done that I just can’t wait to see what wild and wacky thing happens next. Well worth the read.