The Crimson Crown - Cinda Williams Chima An Amazing and Epic Finish to a Fantastic Series.Raisa is now the Queen but everyone is either trying to marry her or kill her it seems, sometimes both. It is so hard to know who to trust and it seems everyone in Raisa’s life is working toward their own means. She is an Island in the middle of a storm standing alone. Han is the only person that seems to be working for her best interests but can she even trust him. “Didn’t you ever wish you could have a partner? A friend? Somebody you could say anything to – where you didn’t have to pick and choose words like a merchant at market?” Han is in love with Raisa and is using all of his street lord experience to keep her alive and try to figure out a way to make sure she can be his and his alone. It is a tangled intricate web he is dancing on but with the help of his friends he might just be able to pull it off. ”She’s tough for a blueblood”, he’d once thought. “Maybe tough enough to be with me.” All of my favorite characters are back Fire Dancer and Cat are so good together as a couple and fierce friends to Han, we should all be so lucky. Amon (poor Amon) is not seen as much in this book but is doing all he can to keep the Queen he loves but cannot be with safe and alive with threats around every corner. Crow holds the key that might just save Han from making the same mistakes he made in his past. The Bayars will not go down without a fight either and have a few cards left to play.I was on the edge of my seat almost this whole book. There is so much action, intrigue and drama this is by far the best book of the series. Wizards are being murdered and the Demon Kings mark is showing up on them. Han is on the wizard counsel and needs to find a way to take control of them without dying preferably. All of the factions of the Fells seem to be fighting with one another and the tensions are reaching the boil over points. The tension between the wizards and clan are at an all-time high. I picked this book up and even though it is 600 pages I couldn’t walk away from it at all. There was so much buildup of angst and I just couldn’t wait to figure out how Han was going to pull it all off and would Raisa still trust him when it seems like he is guilty of so many things.If you even slightly liked any of the other books in this series you will definitely NEED to read this one. One of the best fantasy series I’ve ever read. I honestly hope that we could see more one day in The Seven Realms.