One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost First book a 4.5 this one is a solid 4“Once you go dead, there's no one better in bed!" ~ Cat”This was a solid follow up to Halfway to the Grave, not quite as good but definitely not a large drop off.It is four years after Cat left Bones to save him. She has a dangerous exciting job, but is still completely miserable without Bones in her life. The only complaint I have is it took a little time for Bones to come into play in the book and that is just because I missed their banter. But his entrance was spectacular so it is just a minor complaint. There is still a lot of dark humor in the book and Bones and Cat’s mom’s fighting is hilarious. Bones is so much fun that he almost steals the show.“Wrong way, Bones. The men's showers are in the opposite direction."I'll file that away with all the other information that doesn't pertain to me" was Bones' mocking reply.”Cat has grown up a lot in the last four years and now she is a lot stronger overall. I liked how utterly tough she is and there were enough twists and action to keep things really interesting. As soon as Bones is in the picture again the book really picked up for me. Definitely one of my favorite UF PNR series right under Fever.