Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost “Just because some of us make a mistake in love once doesn't mean we're doomed to repeat it.”The last time Mencheres loved a woman it led to a war between vampires and almost killed everyone else he held dear. After her death he is finally free after over a thousand years of a marriage in name only. To say he is conflicted about the part he played in the death of his wife is an understatement. In an odd happenstance Mencheres meets Kira when she risked her life to save his not knowing that he is a pretty powerful vampire. It was supposed to be easy, green eye her and take her memory away and go on however Kira was immune to his green eye and so now they will wait together until he is able to take her memories. But the more time they spend together the more he is conflicted by his desire to stay with her competing with his knowledge that he is soon supposed to die.I liked seeing a different side of Mencheres. He is so powerful that is has been forever since he has gotten to know anyone on even ground. Most people are drawn to his power but Kira seems to see him as a man and he hasn’t had that for millennia. I loved how strong Kira is, she is bluntly honest most of the time too. She doesn’t hem and haw and inner dialog to death about her feelings. She is straight and to the point. It was so interesting to see how well they complimented each other and their love story is cute. Kira is also protective of Mencheres which is funny since we all know what a bad-ass he is.“Bubbles. On a scale of one to ten, a bubble bath has to rank zero as far as things I'd expect an older-than-dirt-badass vampire to indulge in. The only thing that would surprise me more would be if you pulled out a rubber ducky. Mencheres has a long time fued with Radjedef a law guardian that wants Mencheres gifts and will stop at nothing to get them now that he is without his visions. With the help of some of our favorite characters Cat, Bones and Vlad they will try to thwart his plans.This is a fun look at one of the side characters from the Night Huntress series. I will say it will be far less enjoyable if you haven’t already read the first 4 books of the Night Huntress series as I don’t really think it is a standalone novel. It is a fast read with enjoyable cameos from your favorite characters. Vlad is always good for some comic relief. If you are a fan of the other Night Huntress books then this is definitely right up your alley even though it is still not quite as strong as the original series imo.