Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers While grave Mercy was more of a political intrigue Dark Triumph is a personal story of redemption. Sybella and Beast’s story is compelling how they are very similar people with very different attitudes toward what they do. I was immediately captured by our broken Sybella. Seeing the inner dialog of her made me realize just how masterful she was at hiding her true self and feelings from those around her the game she has had to play all her life with her family. Her rode to mend her broken heart and learn to love again was all I could hope it would be and Beast is such a great love interest. I loved his carefree being in Grave Mercy and to see him in this is wonderful. He is ugly, hard and fierce on the outside but on the inside he is patient, tender and caring.The story picked up quickly overlapping only slightly with Grave Mercy as Sybella is trying to save Ismae and the Duchess from a trap. Soon it is discovered that Beast has been captured and Sybella must save him from a terrible fate at the hands of her father. On their journey to reach the Duchess, Sybella finds how the story of her life is intertwined with Beasts’ and the seed of love begins to grow in the shriveled heart she believes she has. It was so tender and true and I loved how unsure she was of herself and how even though she didn’t need Beast to save her she is able to grow to love herself after seeing through his eyes. In a way they save one another and become even stronger together.Sybella about Beast - I am left with the conviction that an avalanche would be easier to dissuade than that man.This is a great companion novel to Grave Mercy and I really can’t wait to be transported back into this world in the next novel about Annith. There is even a little time with Ismae and Duval in Dark Triumph. I loved seeing them together again. I look forward to the wrap up to all the story arcs I think that Annith’s story will bring.