Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi I like it when an author can write from various PoV and I never have to look back at the front of the chappter to remember who is speaking. I have read a few books where every character sounds the same in there chapters and I never experienced that in Rossi's writing.This is a fun easy read. Rossi doesn't shove a bunch of background dialog about how thing became what they are you learn through the story and some things you figure out on your own. It took me a few chapters to get an idea forming in my head of how this world worked. It starts out in a slightly obscure place. But I kept my mind open and let the world form chapter by chapter and then I was hooked.This is one of those few books I really liked both the main charactors. I think for a lot of people there feelings on the book will rest soley on do they like Perry and Aria. I very much did. I enjoyed that not all of the mystery of what the Aether is was explained right away, it is this mysterious atmospheric shift that ebs and flows like the tides or the ocean. The storms of it are horrible and scorch the earth. The evolution of the people was interesting those on the outside evolved one way the those on the inside elvolved almost opposite possible because of the Aether. The growth of Aria coming from the inside being cast out into the world of savages was great. It wasn't all at once she is a bad ass it took time for her muscles to change for her to learn how to get food for herself and grow into her 'real' life. It grows, you see her go from a soft Dweller to an Outsider or 1/2 Outsider. She is trying to find her place and learn as much as she can along the way. Perry seems harsh at the start but he clearly is a protector. His loyalty is like non other it is fierce and unwavering to those he gives it to. It was hard not to like him.So if you like light romance with some scifi/adventure mixed in a slightly dystopic world this is the book for you.