The Crown of Embers - Rae Carson Pardon me while I pick my heart up off the floor. This was such a great follow up to Girl of Fire and Thorns. The book starts off shortly after GoFaT ended. Elisa is trying to run the country, but it has been difficult she has been met with riots, new attacks on her life and threats from both inside and out. She has to build her country again and to do that she needs to find a husband to be allied with to help build support. She is having trouble being strong, or seeming strong. She hasn’t quite grown into the role she is meant to play. She questions her decisions constantly which got a little tiresome at times but it was truthful no one becomes a great leader overnight. Hector is now the head of her Queens Guard, best friend and strongest supporter. After a failed attempt on Elisa’s life she finds out about the Zafira and constructs a reason to go south to search for it.On her journey is the Elisa we love, the strong confident brilliant one back in her element she comes to life again. While she is so sure in some area’s it was refreshing that even as a powerful woman she was so unsure of herself and love. Elisa wants to be loved for herself, not her kingdom or the godstone. I love love love swoon over the romance built between Hector and Elisa. It is by far one of my most loved romances in any novel. The speech that Hector gave to Elisa on the log after they kissed, I fell in love with him too. The ending was so beautifully brought to fruition. It was equal parts heartbreak and hope. Hector gives himself up to save Elisa, not realizing that she truly loves him and will come for him no matter the cost I was so excited I can’t wait to see what happens in A Bitter Kingdom. I want Elisa to find Hector so badly and I want the Invierne to pay for taking him. The supporting characters were great. I liked how Mara shared with Elise stories of her past with her two lovers and was more like a supporting older sister or friend who was needed since Ximena was more like a mother than nurse or friend. Belén has earned his way back to hero status after his betrayal in GoFaT. Storm gave interesting insight into the Invierne and I was surprised by his role on the isle, Elisa proved how great she could be when she made her choice there.A Bitter Kingdom can’t come soon enough