This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost 3.5ish stars Cat and Bones are back stronger than ever together. What I love about this book is that there is no more miscommunication and stupid fighting between them. There is still great banter and fun just no huge rift between them like in the prior books. They have overcome some of their issues and even if there is still the struggle that they want to protect one another it seems like they have learned some lessons from the past. The ghouls are still riled up about Cat and the unusual powers she has presented in a few battles. Apollyon won’t stop until there is a war between the ghouls and vampires. The voodoo Queen plays a roll by meeting with Cat and giving her an unexpected gift. I will say the Jeaniene Frost has a cameo from almost every character in this book. Some seemed possibly unnecessary but hey I like seeing previous characters so I’ll just roll with it. Timmy (neighbor from book 1) has a couple fun moments. “Before we go, I gotta know: If mind-reading abilities are real, there's something else I wondered if fiction got right about vampires-""Ask me if I sparkle and I'll kill you where you stand," Bones cut him off with utmost seriousness.”Vlad is always one of my favorites and he is really the break out character in this book. That could be because Frost is planning a series for him. But he really was fun in this book and I enjoyed all the scenes with him in it. Ultimately he stole the scenes he was in.“Much slower, I turned around to see Vlad examining his fingernails, as if his hands weren't still ablaze in the flames that had blasted the ghoul's head off moments before.'what the hell was that?' I gasped.'Premature inflammation,' He replied. 'Happens sometimes. Very embarrassing, I don't like to talk about it.' ”Yes I’ve seen this plot before from Frost but honestly I don’t care it is still presented in a fun way. There are a couple tearful moments in a scene that I was unexpected and was done very well. I still really enjoy this series and although it has fallen off a little from how strong it was in the beginning few books it is still better than most of the other new PNR out there. These are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and there is still a lot of heat between our couple. If you have been a fan of the other Night Huntess series then this will have many of the things you like. If you are looking for something strongly different from what you have already seen then you may be disappointed.