Iced - Karen Marie Moning 3.75 Stars - This is the first book in a new series currently centered on Dani O’Malley and with that a new voice. While it isn’t as intense as her voice in the Fever series it is still very different from Mac’s. I really missed Mac and Barron’s in this book as there are only a few scenes that involve them on the periphery but it is the setup of a new story line so that is to be expected. I’m sure we will see more of them in Burned if the ending was any indication. KMM really does know how to end a book with something that grabs hold of you and this is no exception.Dani is full of spunk and full of herself. At times the teenagerness of her is overwhelming, much like pink Mac could be in Darkfever. I expect that this is something that she will grow out of in a book or two. But for all the banter she is smart and heroic. I often forgot that she is only fourteen in this except then everyone kept reminding me. Her backstory was definitely heartbreaking but vivid and well thought through. I do like the setup of the new players in the series. Most of the book is centered on Dani, Ryodan, Christian and Dancer with a little bit of Kat sprinkled in. There is a mystery afoot and Dani thinks of herself as a superhero playing Robin to Ryodan’s Batman. It was funny and I liked all the superhero references.“It's just another of Robin's sayings. Like, 'Holy strawberries, Batman, we're in a jam! Or, Holy Kleenex, Batman, it was right under our nose and we blew it!”People and places are being Iced throughout the city. I enjoyed the mystery, it dragged a little in places for me but overall it was well thought through and interesting. Ryodan is trying to take Dani in and teach her, contain her in a way so that she can grow into the woman she is meant to become. He is dark, dangerous and incredibly smart. “You could ask me to teach you.”“Huh?” This night is getting weird in a hurry. “Teach me like you’re teaching a class or something? What are you going to call it: ‘You Too Can Be a Sociopath 101’?”“It would be more like a graduate-level class.”I start to snicker. His sense of humour sneaks up on you. Then I remember who’s talking and bite it off.”It seems as though he is laying claim to the future woman she will be. Protecting her and trying to rein in the unruly teen she is. Sometimes he behaves as if he is her father and other times it is as if he wants to be her future. I’m interested to see where this goes in later novels. I see what the author was trying to portray but it did seem a little creepy at times. But if you think about it he has been alive forever so the age difference will be astronomical no matter what. No one complained that Mac is like 22 and Barons is well eons older.Christian is going through his transformation to an Unseelie Prince. It is confusing for him and he keeps loosing time he might be going a little crazy as well. In a few conversations with Dani he seems like two separate people. He is also waiting for Dani to become the woman she is meant to be in competition with Ryodan and Dancer for her future affections. “Just one time before I turn into the villain of this piece, just one time before I become the fourth and final Unseelie prince, I want to be her Highlander. And her hero.”Honestly I feel for Christian and his fate, he had true moments of greatness in this story and it will be interesting to see how he actually turns out. Dancer was in the story a little here and there. I enjoyed the science geek aspect he brought to the story to explain the sites that are being iced. He definitely has a bigger backstory than we have seen yet and he too is totally enamored of Dani. There is some foreshadowing that hints whoever Dani ends up with between the three it will be epic.“One day, kid, you'll be willing to mortgage your f*cking soul for somebody.”All and all this is a fun read with a lot of set up for future novels, which I don’t mind at all if it all comes to fruition. I can see why some people were edgy about the sexual nuances of Dani and her three future suitors but I see where the author was trying to go with it and there isn’t even a teenage kiss so in my opinion she did it tastefully. KMM has totally convinced me that there are three men that will do anything to make sure Dani makes it to adulthood partially in hopes there is a chance to be with her as an adult. All the prospects are so different that I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite right now. The door is wide open for anyone of them to win her heart later imo.