Texas Gothic - Rosemary Clement-Moore 3.5 StarsThe Goodnight family is quirky to say the least. Amy has always known that her family isn’t exactly ‘normal’ her aunt is a kitchen witch, her sister is always making potions and instruments to measure the paranormal and her cousin is a psychic. Amy just wants to live a normal life but that is almost impossible when you are a Goodnight. “I was the designated grown up in a family that operated in different reality than the rest of the world.”Sisters Amy and Phin agreed to watch their aunt’s farm while she took a vacation. Between the goats Taco and Gordita running amuck, the dogs underfoot and the cowboy next door with a grudge against the Goodnight family Amy is having a very interesting time. Amy wants to be the epitome of normal, but there is a ghost afoot that keeps drawing her into the family line of work. Amy will be haunted until she can figure out how to help the ghost. A body was found during the building of a bridge on the neighboring ranch and now a college team is there to investigate. Phin and Amy volunteer to help and that is when things get really interesting.Amy’s character is great; she is such a reluctant hero and tries so hard to be the responsible one of the family. I love her interactions with her sister Phin who is so quirky it is cute. Phin is so caught up in science and the correlation to the paranormal inventing gadgets occasionally blowing up a chemistry lab (completely accidental) that she is head in the cloud clueless when it comes to anything else. Phin’s character is fantastically funny. “Just FYI," I told Phin, "he was flirting with you."She looked at me, then at Mark's departing form. "Oh. That explains a lot. I'm good at a lot of things, but flirting isn't one of them. Especially with someone I find extremely attractive." "Here's a tip... Don't overthink it. It's more of an instinct than an intellect thing.""Right," she said. "Pheromones."With a sage nod, she followed Mark.”There is a cute interaction between Amy and Ben, the next door cowboy that is convinced the Goodnight family is crazy.All and all this is a fun Nancy Drew meets the Scooby-doo gang sort of murder mystery. It is fun with a quickly churning story and interesting character interactions. I don’t think the paranormal part of the story was overdone or completely unbelievable. I enjoyed the Mad Monk mystery and will be interested in reading more about the extremely talented Goodnight family.