Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead “Very often the things we most desire come only after much patience and struggle.”Georgina is a succubus with a heart of gold, well maybe not quite gold but silver at least. The worst thing about being a succubus is it is a little lonely. Sure you can have sex in any form with random strangers but it is hard to build lasting bonds with anyone when intimacy with them means you steal years off their life. The one thing Georgina longs for is the one thing she can’t have, to love and be loved by someone.She hangs out with fellow underworldlings her best friends are an Imp. a few vampires and some of the people she works with at her day job at a bookstore. She reports to an arch demon Jerome who is a dead ringer for John Cusack (better off dead is his best movie just a side note) and to her surprise his best friend is an Angel named Carter who seems to be trying to help Georgina find love in his own way. The cast of characters is interesting to say the least.“Love is rarely flawless,” Carter pointed out. “Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be. It is the imperfection that makes love perfect.”Georgina has a conscience and even though she needs sex to live she tries to only take it from those who are morally bankrupt anyway. But then two very nice guys come into her life at the same time and she is having a very hard time pushing both of them away. If that isn’t enough someone is killing off or hurting the other immortals she knows. Georgina is trying to solve that mystery without getting herself or any of her friends killed.This was a captivating story that at times got a little predictable but was told so beautifully that I really didn’t care. I identified with Georgina’s character even though she was a succubus she was really trying to do the best she could with her situation and hurt as few people as possible. This was a very different look into a PNR. I will have to say that the end was so touching and I liked the two men in her life but I absolutely adored Seth. He is an introverted writer with an odd T-shirt collection and I completely swooned over his character, I always have a soft spot for the nice shy quirky guy.I enjoyed living in this world and can definitely see some greater story lines setting up for the future. I will have to say that while I only give this book a 3.5 star rating I will definitely be tuning into future books in this series to see what the reluctant succubus will do next.