Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead 3.75 Stars It got and extra 0.25 stars because Seth is so damn cute and I love his t-shirt collection.Georgina made another deal with the devil, now she has to put her feelings aside and go after some good souls for Hell. But it is worth it if Seth remembers her and they can try having a relationship. That comes with its own problems. What is a succubus to do when she can’t make love to the one person she really wants to. Also there seems to be a new immortal in town, some weird drug activity and an old friend needs a little help.So I realized why I had a few issue with this book and it all comes down to fidelity. Yes yes I know Georgina is a succubus but I guess I thought if she was in love she would have more conflicts sleeping around. But that would perhaps make her whinier and that wouldn’t particularly be entertaining. I really just want her to be open and honest with Seth and currently that doesn’t seem to be happening.Seth is as cute as ever. I really just want to eat him up. He really loves Georgina and is willing to put up with so much just to be close to her. She on the other had is still so closed off about her past and really isn’t being honest with him and even though there were a few glimpses into her past I’ll I thought about is that she is making the same mistakes all over…..and then she did.There is some action on the side as she sleuths around to figure out what is causing Doug and some others around her to act so erratic. She is also helping her former partner in crime an incubus pull off a high scoring political figure to save his job. But let me be honest….I’m in this for the relationship of Georgina and Seth. I love it I have to admit and so much of it was a-freaking-dor-able. Until Georgina faltered and made the same mistakes she made in her past, which was infuriating. But, I liked the story even if some of it was predictable I was still entertained and I totally enjoyed the ending of this book. I still see some underlying plots going that will most likely carry through to the last book and I’m trying to figure out how all of them will work in but this was a solid follow up to the first book.